I work with law firm managers and leaders at the moment they become prepared to drive change

With highest ethics and client confidentiality, I draw parallels to what they do, that you don’t do and I always draw from specific point solutions to respond to a specific known problem.

I speak boldly as a peer to firm leaders

My work focuses on establishing an economic foundation, both before and after disruption and includes plans for how to sell it internally to lawyers. The focus is on selling change as fundamentally linked to their economic self-interest.


High Visibility In The Legal Space

Having acquired desirable perspective from my “fly on the wall” experience as a CEO, speaker, trainer, and consultant to law firms and legal departments over a long career, I enjoy helping leaders uncover effective solutions for their organizations.


Is your law firm losing competitive bids to less capable competitors?

Are you facing increasing price pressure or declining profits?

Does your leadership team want to adapt, yet struggle with rallying partner support for change?

Are you stuck in "building support for change" mode?

Are you ready to move but lacking a roadmap?

Are you prepared to hear tough practical talk that might make you uncomfortable but will lead to a better roadmap?



Thrive Keynote™

Partner Retreat Keynote


($15,000 for firms < 50 attorneys)

Tim Corcoran will draw parallels to, and insights from, other industries in order to demonstrate precedence, and provide a financial basis for thriving in the new normal. This 60-90 minute eye-opening keynote is designed for hands-on Executive Committees of 50+ attorney firms and timely when there is a true appetite for change. The Thrive Keynote™ is ideal for partner retreats and “connects the dots” between key legal market changes and the path to greater profitability. You will discover the economic rationale and incentive for change, equipping you to shift partner perspective from “adapt or die” to “adapt and thrive”. You will walk away with a practical roadmap to get started. Up to three planning calls with your executive influencer team are included.