The Reckoning™ Compensation Assessment


($20,000 for firms < 50 attorneys)

The Reckoning™ Compensation Assessment is designed to better align what’s good for the partner with what’s good for the partnership. It combines stakeholder interviews, financial analysis, and process analysis to identify gaps between your firm’s current compensation plans and industry best practices. This qualitative assessment of your firm’s approach to attorney compensation will help leaders understand if, and where, your compensation plan needs to be revised. Areas covered include: performance management, performance metrics, financial systems, and communication. We will determine answers to pressing questions such as:

  • How well does your compensation plan further the firm strategy?

  • How transparent is your plan? How well do the partners understand the link between their behaviors and the corresponding rewards or penalties?

  • How well does your plan not only reward but drive desirable and profitable behaviors consistent with the long-term interests of the firm?

  • How well does the plan manage partner expectations and reduce perceptions of inequity?

  • How easy is the plan to administer? How effective are the reporting systems?

  • Recently added: How effective is your approach to measuring profitability? How well are profitability metrics incorporated into partner performance?

A comprehensive report will be prepared within 60-90 days outlining challenges and areas of opportunity to better link firm strategy to incentives. Optional presentation of findings to firm leadership is included.