Clarity MarketingBD™ Marketing and Business Development Assessment


The greatest impediment to effective law firm marketing is the failure of management to establish a clear marketing strategy that holds both partners and business professionals accountable to adhering to such a strategy. Even the largest and most capable marketing team cannot possibly keep up with the endless stream of terrible ideas promoted by individual partners, who have conflated the notion of “owner” with “marketing expert.” If your firm is suffering from ineffective marketing and business development, it could literally mean the difference between thriving and surviving.

The Clarity MarketingBD™ assessment answers whether the firm is achieving the maximum return on investment from its sizable marketing budget. Over a period of up to three months, we combine stakeholder interviews, operational analysis, and process mapping to identify gaps between the firm’s current marketing and business development efforts and industry best practices. It may be time to assess the firm’s marketing personnel, processes, and technology and to identify where best practices are lacking.

We accomplish two primary objectives:

  • Assess whether firm and practice group management has a sufficient understanding of its market position and market opportunities for the clients, industries, practices, and geographies in which it operates. We also assess whether the firm’s marketing strategy, if such a plan even exists, provides a clear road map, prioritization, and sufficient funding, resources, tools, and accountability necessary to achieve the plan’s financial and strategic objectives.

  • Assess the marketing and business development team’s people, processes, and technology to determine whether there are sufficient resources to execute the strategy, whether the organization is structured for success, whether there is sufficient accountability to achieving established goals, and where there are opportunities for improvement.

The deliverable is a written report and optional presentation to the firm’s executive committee outlining challenges and areas of opportunity to help determine the suitability and scope of a Marketing & Business Development reorganization, and to better align the CMO role and/or legal marketer recruiting process with firm strategy.