Conflicts & Ethics Policy

The global legal marketplace is surprisingly small.  There is significant movement of lawyers and professionals between employers and regions, and there is often significant overlap between multiple providers.  As a result, from time to time Corcoran Consulting Group, LLC, is engaged by an organization that competes with a prior or even a current client.  To help guide our efforts, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Our expertise and credibility as trusted advisors come from having access to, and conversations with, multiple players across multiple topics. We do not compromise our integrity by serving as a confidential source to the press or betraying confidences among competing parties.

  • We do not disclose confidential information obtained through client engagements. Period.

  • We avoid even the appearance of impropriety by proactively disclosing all relationships that might overlap.

  • We do not accept simultaneous assignments from direct competitors.  From time to time, however, we may work with different groups within competing entities.  For example, we may work with one firm’s litigation practice and another firm’s labor & employment practice, or with one vendor’s legal research sales team and another vendor’s time & billing marketing team.

  • We strongly believe that a more informed marketplace is a more efficient marketplace and therefore we embrace opportunities to educate.  And so from time to time we may write or present publicly on behalf of organizations that compete with past or current clients but we do so as a neutral party.

  • We do not offer product or service endorsements. However, from time to time we will recommend that our clients investigate compelling offerings we’ve observed in the marketplace.

  • We will consider exclusive engagements in market segments or regions so long as such arrangements equitably address the opportunity costs of exclusivity.