Timothy B. Corcoran is a keynote speaker, consultant, author, and legal commentator. With deep experience spanning two decades as a corporate executive, he guides law firm and law department leaders through the profitable disruption of outdated business models.

Tim’s confident and irreverent stage presence enables him to bring levity to topics of particular gravitas, while masterfully navigating tough discussions from a refreshing perspective. Audiences cite Tim’s simplification of complex concepts, a reduced learning curve, and actionable take aways as key factors in catalyzing their change process.

As a change agent, Tim’s focus is on helping law firms operationalize their strategy: profiting from experience through project management and process improvement; embracing profitable alternative fee arrangements; assessing and redesigning partner compensation plans; designing new financial metrics and dashboards; building or reorganizing an effective ecosystem; training current and future leaders; succession planning; refining business development skills; and launching new technology tools. Tim helps law departments embrace performance analytics, better hire and manage outside counsel, and ultimately improve business velocity.

Tim has seen it all and brings the full force of his experience and expertise to your particular problem. Between customized talks and strategic collaborations with other industry experts, including the Legal Lean Sigma Institute and The Tilt Institute, Tim offers a full suite of advisory services. His accolades include serving as 2014 President of the Legal Marketing Association, a Fellow and Trustee in the College of Law Practice Management, Committee Chair in the Association of Legal Administrators, and sought-after speaker and writer on topics related to the changing business of law. Tim also authors the widely read Corcoran’s Business of Law blog. Click below to connect with Tim now.