Speaking Policy

I am a regular keynote speaker at industry conferences and law firm and law department retreats, typically addressing the following topics:

  • How to profit in a changing marketplace

  • The Three Ps: Project Management, Process Improvement, and Pricing

  • Moving Beyond P3. Building an effective P+ culture and infrastructure

  • Designing a partner compensation plan that drives and rewards profitable behavior

  • Avoid random acts of marketing and embrace the science of business development

  • Best practices in Marketing and Business Development

  • Improving the value of the law department

  • What it means to be a law firm leader today


In my presentations I adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. I do not sell anything or anyone from the podium. Ever.

  2. I often make provocative statements to educate and inspire an audience.

  3. I prefer to engage my audience in an interactive dialog rather than merely talk at them.

  4. I use Powerpoint as just one tool to convey my message. If you miss my talk, the PPT is useless