Corcoran P+™


(based on scope, size, geographic footprint, and complexity)

Law firm leaders often treat business management, and change management, as an arcade game of whack-a-mole. They lurch from strategy to strategy, tactic to tactic, putting out fires and addressing key client needs and rainmaker demands, only to see minimal short-term results, let alone sustainable long-term benefits. And when new leaders are elected, they lurch in opposite directions, replacing c-level executives and issuing bold new policies and initiatives, but with similarly meager results. Management of any enterprise is challenging, but leading a law firm through the most significant market disruption in a generation requires a dedicated, multi-faceted, multi-year, cross-functional approach that yields real alignment.

Aimed at leaders of 100+ attorney firms committed to thriving, not just surviving, in the new market economy, this assessment addresses all of the moving parts of the firm eco-system. It starts with understanding where we are today, starting with the 3 Ps:

  • Pricing

  • Project management

  • Process improvement

We continue through additional Ps such as:

  • Performance management

  • Performance metrics

  • Practice management

  • Profitability, and much more.

If firm leadership isn’t willing or capable of embarking upon a comprehensive change effort, they’re better off dialing back investments and harvesting profits until the market corrections decide the firm’s fate. Our P+ Assessment is designed to provide law firm leadership with a candid review of the firm’s numerous change initiatives and their relative effectiveness compared to industry best practices.

  • What programs are in place, and how effective are they?

  • What programs are missing, and why?

  • What business processes or infrastructures are inadequate, and why?

  • How do we measure success on a firm, practice, office, and individual level?

  • How do we establish objectives and hold ourselves accountable?

The assessment is intended to guide firm leadership in establishing a long-term, multi-faceted, comprehensive change management plan that improves upon all the Ps of a modern law firm. Within 90 days, we deliver a report and presentation to the firm’s executive committee outlining challenges and areas of opportunity to help prioritize firm investments.