Ideal for innovator firms with more than 50 attorneys, this half-day interactive presentation and discussion will equip your your executive committee to handle the business, financial, and operational challenges facing you in a challenging legal market. Freestyle™ combines the most relevant points of my Thrive Keynote™ with a facilitated discussion to help illustrate specific impacts of market changes to your firm. Where we go with it and how in depth, is a function of your needs, interests, challenges, and opportunities. With your projector, whiteboard, and executive team assembled, we will supply the insights, ideas and integrated understanding of the law firm eco-system. Most law schools provide little in the way of business and finance training, leaving law firm leaders without key knowledge of how to understand and manage the complexities of the responsibility in their charge. Most do not have the time to invest two years in an MBA program or a week residence at a business school.

  • Do you know with precision the drivers of your revenues and profits?

  • Do you understand your firm’s clients’ buying trends, which specific service offerings are facing commoditization and price pressure, and why?

  • Have you established a rigorous and consistent approach to price negotiations, matter staffing, matter budgeting, and billing procedures?

  • Does your compensation plan recognize the value of different skills and contributions and distribute profits accordingly?

  • Does your compensation plan consistently drive desired partner behaviors, and not just reward aggregate financial results?

  • Can you accurately assess the return of past investments in lateral recruiting, office expansion, systems upgrades, and process improvements? Can you identify this ROI in advance of your next investment?

  • Does the executive team identify, promote, and train practice group leaders based on specific attributes that benefit the business of law?

  • Has the leadership team specifically taken ownership of key partner and key client succession plans?

This is a truly unique discussion tailored to each firm that brings me in. You will walk away with the answers you need to be most effective in your role.