Thrive Keynote™ Partner Retreat Keynote


($15,000 for firms < 50 attorneys)

The legal marketplace has changed, there is more change to come, and law firm partners and leaders are often conflicted between adapting to their clients' increasing pressure or sticking to what they know. In any market disruption, those who are most adaptable will thrive. In this keynote address, Tim Corcoran “connects the dots” to provide a roadmap to the "new normal" by drawing parallels to, and insights from, other industries in order to provide the financial basis for change. This 60-90 minute eye-opening Thrive Keynote™ is ideal for executive committee or partner retreats in firms where there is a true appetite for change. You will discover the economic rationale and incentive for change, equipping you to shift partner perspective from “adapt or die” to “adapt and thrive”. You will walk away with a practical roadmap to get started. Up to three strategy calls with your executive influencer team are included.