Webinars & Workshops

I enjoy presenting on webinars and at workshops. Each format encourages audience interaction, which makes the learning more enjoyable for all parties. I typically present on the following topics:

  • Law firm economics and finance – how to profit in a changing marketplace

  • The three Ps: Project Management, process improvement, and pricing

  • Building a sustainable P3 culture and infrastructure

  • The evolution of partner compensation

  • Marketing and business development, measuring ROI and best practices

  • Business development and consultative selling in a law firm environment

  • Technology strategy and adoption

I adhere to the following guidelines when participating in a webinar or workshop:

  1. I do not sell anything or anyone in a webinar or workshop. Ever.

  2. I often make provocative statements to educate and inspire an audience.

  3. Where possible, I prefer to engage my audience in an interactive dialog rather than merely talk at them.

  4. I use Powerpoint as just one tool to convey my message. If you miss my talk, the PPT and supporting materials tend to be useless.

Here are some recent webinars and workshops in which I have participated: