A Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers (and other Professionals)

My friends at Attorney at Work recently published an excellent resource for road warriors --those of us who travel constantly and who can't allow the challenges of travel to impede our productivity.  Perhaps because of my frequent Twitter, Facebook and blog posts about the fun I have traveling the friendly skies, the editors interviewed me for my travel tips.  You can read advice from me and from many other eminently qualified professionals who have freely chosen to spend our lives on planes, trains and automobiles here.  And if you're really into the theme, I've added some more travel-oriented reading choices for you below. Enjoy! Attorney at Work's Field Guide for Mobile Lawyers

Superior Service is not for Virgins - my epic saga about the time Virgin Airlines lost my bag and worked very hard to not return it

A Day in the Life of a Road Warrior - from my ancient and dusty personal blog

Bill Bryson - The best writer in the travel category, by far. I am especially fond of In a Sunburned Country, Notes from a Small Island and I'm a Stranger Here Myself

The Tummy Trilogy - A compilation of three books by noted author Calvin Trillin extolling the many virtues of good food while on the road