Building a Legal Project Team - a complimentary webinar

The legal profession has experienced a sea of change in the past five years, as clients have increasingly been putting pressure on law firms to change the way that they do business. Central to this has been the demand for firms to adopt legal project management programs, often spearheaded by a new type of legal professional. But simply going out and hiring a certified project management professional is not enough. In a cutting-edge webinar entitled Building a Legal Project Management Team: Hiring the Right People, to be held on June 13, 2013 at 1pm ET, I will join executive search consultant Steve Nelson of The McCormick Group to explore such issues as:

  • What training do your existing lawyers and administrators need before embarking on a legal project management program?
  • Why legal project management programs should be adopted even if alternative fee arrangements are not involved
  • The interaction between legal project management and other key disciplines, such as client relations, business development, practice management and knowledge management
  • How important are credentials such as a PMP or a JD
  • The importance of the "cultural fit"

To register for this complimentary one-hour webinar, please visit the following link:  If you have questions or situations you'd like us to address, please feel free to submit comments in advance.  At the conclusion of our presentation, we will invite audience questions and commentary.


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