Legal Marketing Association Celebrates 30 Years

I am proud to have been a member for 20 of the Legal Marketing Association's 30 years, and I'm especially proud to have served its 3,800 members as the 2014 President. As my time in the spotlight concludes, I am delighted to leave the organization in the capable hands of the many smart, passionate, dedicated legal marketing professionals who comprise the next generation. Many don't recall a time before there was an LMA, and they don't know the challenges the founders and early leaders faced gaining traction. Nor should they. The future leaders and members of LMA will face their own challenges advancing and expanding the profession and the association to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the marketplace; challenges that they are uniquely equipped to tackle. I am grateful for the significant efforts of those who preceded me, and I hope in some small way my efforts, and those of the extraordinarily capable Board members, volunteers, and staff who served with me, have improved LMA. Many thanks to 2015 President Adam Severson and Executive Director Betsi Roach for producing this history of the Legal Marketing Association.